Active School Week

We held our very first Active School Week from the 21st - 25th May. It was a great success and everyone, including staff enjoyed the weeks activities. The boys had Active Homework to complete all week they took part in new activcities and tried out new sports in school. 

On Monday the boys started the week with Football skill coaching. A coach from the FAI came in to teach all classes about the different football skills they need to progress individually. Monday afternoon some classes also got to take part in Basketball coaching. 

Tuesday started with a bang! As the weather was so nice we decided to hold a 'Wake Up, Shake Up Zumba' session outside with our new speaker. After Ms O'Callaghan taught us our moves, we took part in a 'Flossathon' to see which class were the best 'flossers'!!

The third day of Active School Week was something new to most of us. Every class was given 45 minutes to try their hand at Frisbee. At the same time in Santry our Athletics team were taking part in Cumann na Mbunscol. 

Thursday we started the day again with Zumba.  We had to remember the dance moves as best we could. After this morning activity a coach came in to playTag Rugby with us. 

The final day of Active School Week was really enjoyable. The morning started with circuits outside in the beautiful sunshine (Thank you Brendan for the water!!) Each class was broken into two groups. As parents were invited in to help we had a staff member and a parent at most of the eight groups. The groups were: throwing, parachute, Connect 4, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Hockey and Dodgeball. After every group got a chance to go to each station we went inside to have some lunch. On return to the yard we set off on our 'Walk a Mile with a Smile' initiative. We ended our first Active School Week by walking around the block of the school.  


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