Active School Week 2019 (13th - 17th May)

Our second Active School Week is taking place this week, 13th - 17th May. The boys took part in an Athletic sessions with coach Franco on Monday. On Tuesday we were treated to a Zumba lesson with Ms. O'Callaghan. After Zumba each class took turns to participate in football drills with two coaches from Lourdes Celtic. Today was a tough one.... well on the teachers anyway!! Each class took a penalty against their teacher! We then had our Gaelic Football coach, Jonathon. We look forward to seeing him again in September. Tomorrow we will have a yoga morning with Grace and Boxercise with Derek in the afternoon. Friday is the big one! All parents/grandparents are invited to come into the school from 9am to 10am to participate. We would really love if you could join us on our 'Walk a Mile with a Smile' around the block at 10am. 


Check out the timetable and letter to parents below


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