Biodiversity is all around Scoil Íosagáin

The boys on the Green Schools Committee have been working hard raising awareness of diversity. It means looking after a variety of living things on our planet, including plants and animals. We are learning about different wildlife, insects, plants and flowers. We are now aware as to how they benefit our environment. In these pictures Ms. O'Connor's 6th class are tending to the flowerbeds and getting rid of the weeds to make room for new vegetables and flowers to grow. We are lucky to have Brendan to help us create a biodiversity-friendly environment in the school. He has built some 'bug-hotels' around the grounds and added some lovely features around the garden. He is pictured here with a recycling bin that he has drilled holes into, to allow for natural compost to form that we can eventually use in the future. Thanks Brendan!

Ms. Healy has also been working hard on the flowerbeds over the course of the year to ensure that the flowers and vegetables are flourishing. There are lots of daffodils and onions growing now. Thank you Ms. Healy for all your gardening. 


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