Senior Boys' Primary School
Aughavannagh Road, Crumlin, Dublin 12

Useful websites

Click on the titles below to open them and see the useful links.

Maths Websites – A great variety of game across of areas of the maths curriculum for younger children. – More advanced games but the same website as above. – A great website for word problems. – A variety of games across all topics. – Maths games across all topics. – Excellent problem-solving games with puppies! – Lots of games across all maths topics. – Variety of Maths Games – Click on the individual icons to bring up the games. – Games for learning how to tell the time.

Literacy Websites – Click on the individual icons within this list for a variety of reading, vocabulary and comprehension activities. – Excellent website – short stories read to the children by actors and they show the book and illustrations also. There are lots of activities you can download after each book also. – Great website for the early years. – Online books (Fables and Folk Tales). – word building game. – Acrostic poem writing game. Another poetry writing game. Write poems based on different themes. – word family game. – Website with audio stories. – List of the most frequently used words/phrases children encounter in their reading. – Excellent website with beautiful visuals.

History / Geography / Science Websites – Excellent Encyclopedia website for children. – Great website for learning about art and culture around the world. You can take virtual tours of historical places and galleries. – Virtual tours of countries and landmarks around the world. – A variety of links that could be useful for project work.

Fine Motor Skills and Typing Websites – Variety of individual games. You can click on the icons in the link.